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Doll Description:
Size:  24 inches about 60 cm.

Hair:Hand rooted fiber hair.

Eyes:Acrylic eyes, bright and clear, looks so realistic.

Material:High quality vinyl,100% safe and comfortable.

Structure:Head,   arms and legs are made of silicone vinyl.  Safety production, non-toxic; doll limbs can be active, it can sit or lie,can not stand,speak or feed.

Package content:

The finished doll*1

Clothes sets*1

Magnetic pacifier*1

Milk bottle*1

Birth certificate*1


1. Doll sizes:our doll leg is curved, we measure the doll leg as it is in straight state, that is the length from the thigh to the knee plus the length from knee to tiptoes: so there exists 2-3 cm deviation due to different measuring ways.