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1.Material: Soft  silicone vinyl, imported soft vinyl from Germany, 100% safe 
and  comfortable.
2.Baby size:  22 inches about 55 cm dolls.
3.Eyes:  Close eyes, looks like sleeping
4.Skin:  The skin is the most unique place this doll , designers will spend a lot 
of time to baby's skin looks more realistic multi-layer
5.Hair:  Rooted mohair, touch soft.
6.Structure: Head,3/4 limbs all are made of silicone vinyl (the body is cloth
with pp cotton).Imported soft vinyl raw material production, non-toxic; doll limbs
be active, it can sit or lie down, Soft silicone doll can't enter the water,can not 
stand,speak or feed.
7.Application:  Children birthday gift, children play toys, Christmas gift for your 
babies or your lovers and also collection by collection lovers.

1.Doll size:

The doll have different size according to different measure way, i make two method for you:
1> Our doll leg is curved, we measure the doll leg as it is in straight state, that is the length from the thigh to the knee plus the length from knee to tiptoes, look at the picture: it is about 28+12+9+6=55 cm.
2>  If we ignore the curved leg,lets measure it directly, from the head to  tiptoes. like the picture:  it is about 53cm .

you will knew the doll exact size,i tell you detail, so we not accepted the complain about size, thanks for your understand.( so there exists deviation due to different measuring ways. )

2.Package & Accessories:

The package is exquisite and safe; the accessories are complete.all accessories send randomly .This doll accessories all are free in the parcel, such as pacifier,milk bottle,clothes (the doll without diaper,thanks).sometimes more accessories may be have no stock, so we will send randomly (but we will add other gift for you as compensation),we will contact with you before send it.please understand.